1. Student must wear the full school uniform on all school days.
2. Gold Ornaments must not be worn in school. No magazines, toys or such other articles must be brought to school without prior permission.
3. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.
4. If a student falls ill or he is unable to attend classes during any working day he/she would promptly send an application for leave to the class teacher duly signed by his / her parent or guardian. After such leave record of the diary and submit the same to the Principal.
5. A pupil who has been continuously absent for 5 consecutive days is obliged to submit a medical certificate.
6. Continuous absence for 15 days without leave will cause removal of the pupil’s name from the school register. In such cases they can be re-admitted only after the payment of admission fee. The school authorities will have full discretion in this matter.
7. Promotion will be granted or denied on the basis of marks obtained in the examinations.
8. Pupils are required to appear for all the examinations and unit tests. If a Pupil is not able to attend any of the examinations the parent shall produce a leave letter stating the reason. No re-exam will be conducted and the marks of the examinations will be considered for promoting the pupils to the next standard.
9. Pupils are not allowed to enter other classrooms.
10. Pupil shall respectfully greet the teachers on meeting them in the school premises for the first time -every day.
11. No pupil suffering from contagious diseases shall be allowed to attend the school.
12. Students should not go out of the school campus without the permission of the class teacher and the principal.
13. Parents are requested not to give money to their children unless on written request from the school.
14. Students are not allowed to purchase food from unauthorized dealers at or near the school premises.
15. Every student must take part in school games and other activities for their physical, mental, and character development.
16. No student, should be seen loitering about during class hours. Class leaders are allowed to enter to staff room.
17. In the absence of a teacher, the students are expected to remain disciplined and silent under the guidance of the class leader.
18. Students are forbidden to write or scribble on the wall or make the classroom dirty or damage any material. Parent/guardian will have to compensate for willful damage done to property.
19. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence, disobedience to authority and any kind of cheating and other reprehensible behavior injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the student.
20. A student who fails twice in the same class have to leave the school.
21. Every student should Endeavour to keep up the high reputation of the school by the school by the excelling in his/her conduct, good manners and deportment inside the school and outside.
22. Every student should bring the school diary daily to make sure all entries are made up to date and counter signed by the parents.
23. Homework shall be regularly done and submitted.
24. All the students must speak in English in the class and in the school premises.
25. Litter ought to be disposed of only in the place, allotted for the same. Boys are not permitted to grow long hair or to have on kept hair.
26. Any kind of damage done to library books and laboratory equipments of the school must be made good at their own expense.
27. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers when they are in their classes.
28. Withdrawal of children from the classes during the school time is not permitted without permission of class teacher and principal on either diary information on written request of parents.
29. No students will be allowed to go out the school campus at the lunch time.
30. Cell phone and two wheelers without license are strictly prohibited in the campus.
31. Rs.100/- will be collected as fine for wearing gold ornaments and Rs. 500/- for bringing cell phones.
32. Every student must reach the school at 9. 30 am. Late comers should meet the principal before enter in class.
33. Use of Mobile Phone, Walkman set, Camera, Movie Camera etc. And all such equipments are strictly prohibited inside the school campus.
34. If there is any change relating to the school bus, it has to be informed one day before.
35. Name, class and division in which the pupil is studying should neatly be noted on the pupil’s bag, books and water bottle.
36. The cash amount sent with the pupil should be noted in his/her diary.
37. The parents should take care that their child reaches the bus stop before the arrival of the school bus on the spot.
38. Those using their our transportation should fetch/drop their child before the school gate. In this case, the sole responsibility will be on those parents.
39. Fees, Vehicle fees should be paid within one week, after the notice. Avoid further delay. Fine should be taken from defaulters.
40. No pupil will be allowed to appear for semester examination unless all dues are paid up-to-date.

41. The Last Date for receipt of TC application is on APRIL 25th of every academic year. For late applications TC will be issued only after payment of Term I fee for the next academic year.